Elliott Williams


Hi there!


I am a Pittsburgh based designer and currently Design Practice Lead (Head of Design) at numo, a PNC bank company. I manage all designers in the organization and provide the strategic direction of design as a discipline within the company. In addition, I operate as a Venture Designer and use a design based approach to developing new businesses that will eventually incorporate and become their own subsidiaries of the bank. In my free time I teach at CMU in the Human Computer Interaction Master’s program.

I’ve founded companies like LegalSifter that has raised over 6MM to date from institutional investors and grew the company from myself to 15 employees and 20kMRR. I started the first coworking space in Pittsburgh, and grew that to a 5,000sqf space with nearly 100 members and despite all the titles I could have taken and often use, such as founder, CEO, GM, I still call myself a designer because I attribute the success of all of my projects to the level of empathy and advocacy I learned when becoming a designer, and more importantly the methodologies I take in all my business ventures.


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