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Designing a Culture of Innovation

How strategy, culture, and design can create new business lines in a well established company.

Themes: Process and Planning, Strategy, Technology, Entrepreneurship

Goals: Our team was tasked with developing a venture pipeline of fintech businesses to be grown as arms of the more established company. We were tasked with everything from identifying ideas that had merit, creating plans to build technology, and developing revenue models and go to market strategies.


Scaling Up

How can design thinking and methods help organizations better understand their challenges and transform from the ground up?

Themes: Patient Experience, Service and Organization Design, Design Research, Vision and Planning

Goals: Our team was engaged to examine patient experience within an out- patient facility and explore opportunities for the facility to become a “model for the future of healthcare delivery.” Research informed visual models, and models aided design concepts that sought to alleviate pain-points in the experience for patients and families. This set a foundation for organizational transformation.

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