Searching for the Middle Ground in Fashion

Having come back from New York City to my home of Pittsburgh, I've been able to contextualize Pittsburgh fashion a bit more. With the assumption that »

A History of Violence

In the four years of high school in Philly: There were two shootings and one gun pulled out in a threat My best friend shot someone »

Starting a Coworking Space Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Getting the people I got a grant from a local non-profit that allowed me to open a co-working space for one month. This grant included enough »

Pittsburgh Coffee Shop Rankings

This was a post a made on Voluto was better before commonplace bought it. they had 49th parallels which were just better beans, even »

I Always Give Cyclists the Same Advice

There's a new law in PA to increase the safety of biking in cities. Cars can now cross the double yellow when passing bicycles and should »

Catapult PGH Coworking Lease Agreement

This Catapult PGH Lease Agreement is made between Catapult PGH (also known as "The Organization Taking the Fall if Anything Happens") and ____ »

Getting the Noir Blog onto Heroku

Continuing in my series of posts incase anything I'm doing breaks. Fork this on github. I forked it from someone else who put a procfile into »

Getting Heroku and Gandi to Play Nice

in the command line: $ heroku domains:add $ heroku domains:add and in gandi: @ 10800 IN A @ 10800 »

Sensible Modifier Key Strategy for the Mac

For Quicksilver, I've been using Command-Space. This is probably the oldest trigger I've had. When Spotlight came out and tried to replace it, I got rid »

Switching from Omnifocus to Taskwarrior, again

The big reason why I've stuck with Omnifocus instead of switching was the fast entry of auto-completion. But after poking around with TW I found this »