I help organizations adopt forward-thinking and innovative approaches to the future. My work leads to engaging products and services, new organizational practices, heightened efficiencies, and market innovation.

Strategic Design

Problem Framing
Quantitative & Qualitative Research
Creating New Ventures
Future Visioning
Product and Experience Strategies
Design Thinking Made Real

Organization & Culture

Stakeholder Alignment
Creating New Processes
Cultural Change
Building Innovative Teams
Making Strategy a Reality

Designing Experiences

Innovative Product & Service Design
Digital Transformation
Human-Centered and Data-Driven
Zero-Based Design
Collaboration Across Silos

“Products, experiences, organizational culture, and business strategy are all connected, and when we design better futures, we have to think about these as one. Then you can drive innovation and transformation.”

Future of Healthcare

Our team connected patient experience with organizational strategy and created an actionable framework for a vast hospital network’s outpatient facilities. Our methods transcended the silos that inhibited growth, collaboration, and the patient experience.

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Internal Disruption

We embedded in a long-established bank and helped grow an incubator for innovation. The new teams developed a venture pipeline of fintech business and set the stage for internal disruption.

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Digital Transformation

At a respected leader in life insurance, we aligned product, design, engineering, and business teams to a cohesive and clear digital strategy. Before serious innovation, this company had to find its footing in an unfamiliar digital age.

Design thinking and action in your business drives revenue and shareholder returns at nearly twice the rate of industry counterparts. It makes you more adaptable to changing landscapes. And it creates engagements with stakeholders that are meaningful.